Why Net Neutrality Fanatics Were Wrong

[Originally appearing on the Financial Post website on November 21, 2019] TORONTO – Two years ago, in another op-ed, I made an unpopular prediction. I guessed that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s plan to scrap network neutrality rules in the United States would not break the internet. […]

Why Concerns About Net Neutrality Are Overblown

[Originally Appearing on the New York Times website, December 4, 2017]  TORONTO — The Federal Communications Commission is planning to jettison its network neutrality rules, and many Americans are distraught. Such a move, the Electronic Frontier Foundation warned, “invites a future where only the largest […]

Smothering the Internet with Net Neutrality

[Originally Appearing on the Financial Post website, February 5, 2016] In The Evolution of Everything, British scientist Matt Ridley observes that many of our large and defining systems — the economy, technology, the human population — have no central planners. Rather, they evolve in […]

Net neutrality debate is a struggle against non-existent violations

[Originally Appearing on the National Post / Financial Post website, July 7th, 2015]   Hype aside, network neutrality violations haven’t happened, and aren’t likely to “Network Neutrality” has become a headline-grabbing subject of late. Internet advocates warn that if regulatory rules are not imposed (and […]

Ken Engelhart, gentleman lawyer

[Originally Appearing on the “CARTT” website, May 26th, 2015]   After a quarter-century with Rogers Communications, Ken Engelhart has hung out his own shingle. Engelhart had been the leader of Rogers’ regulatory team for many years under vice-chairman Phil Lind but given all of the […]

Ken Engelhart leaves Rogers for ‘new adventures’

[Originally Appearing On “The Wire Report” website, April 20th, 2015]  Ken Engelhart, Rogers Communications Inc.’s former vice-president of regulatory affairs, has quietly left the company after 25 years and will be starting his own law firm. His last day at Rogers was April 10, he […]